I would consider myself an optimistic skeptic about energy work and Reiki but was looking for some out of the box self-care to help me while struggling with infertility, insomnia, and a few other items. Ann came recommended to me by a co-worker and I set up an appointment. I had an incredibly powerful emotional/spiritual moment on the table during our session around getting pregnant and 2.5 weeks later I found out I was finally pregnant. I realize this is an incredibly grandiose result after one session but that’s exactly what happened to me. I firmly believe that session is what helped flip the switch for my body. I saw her a couple of additional times but unfortunately don't live close enough to Ann to continue with regular treatments. However I highly recommend her to anyone seeking some energy work around self-care.


I had never had a Reiki treatment before and did not really know what to expect.  However, almost immediately in the calm AF Healing environment I felt relaxed, and this continued throughout my session.  At the end I felt energized and ready for anything life could throw at me.  I would highly recommend a treatment from Ann at AF healing and I am truly looking forward to my next appointment. Thank you. 

Mary H.

I decided to try Reiki for pain that I had in my back and down my leg caused by my sciatic nerve. I was not sure about Reiki but decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did. After my first treatment with Ann, my back and leg has not bothered me and I have been pain free for just over a year. The treatment is so relaxing and peaceful and I could feel the bad pain going out of my body! I would highly recommend giving Reiki a try.


AF Healing has an exceptional ability to transform the mind, body, soul, and spirit. I was impressed with the services AF Healing provides on so many levels. I strongly, wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking services in holistic healing. The only regret I have about AF Healing is that I wish I went to them sooner.

Jeanne Martin.

Ann, thank you so much for the Reiki treatment; it was badly needed and I am feeling great since. I will definitely be keeping Reiki up!


My roommate kept suggesting that I try out Reiki with Ann at AF Healing; she had been going there regularly for months. I finally decided to give it a go and see what all the fuss was about. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had a lot of stress at that time in my life, and Ann helped me to manage stress, to heal my mind, body, and soul, and helped me take control of my own life and manage it in a more relaxed and calm manner. Ann & AF Healing have changed my life, giving me an amazing experience, healing & life guidance. Ann is an amazing practitioner, teacher, life coach. I truly believe everyone should make Reiki a frequent part of their life and I highly recommend AF Healing as a place to do it.


Ann, Just a quick note to say thanks for yesterday's session. You have an amazing gift and your healing hands and powerful words of wisdom really helped. I feel so much clearer and more relaxed today thanks to you. Can’t wait for my next appointment. Take Care.


AF Healing is a place filled with warm, welcoming and loving energy. My 14 year old daughter took a series of 7 chakra classes with Ann to help her learn how to balance and protect her energy. With each class she became happier, more confident and empowered to keep herself energetically healthy. We both looked forward to each week’s session. I am grateful that my daughter and I were guided to Ann and Tara. It just feels so healing to be at AF Healing.

Phyllis, S.

I have taken part in many of Ann and Tara's healing workshops and each one has been a new and fresh experience for me. The girls create a friendly and calm space where you are safe to express yourself and you feel cared for and listened to by others. These workshops have opened me up to new possibilities and have inspired me to take action in the direction of my dreams. Many thanks to you both!


I had never done a spiritual workshop until the Lughnasagh Thanksgiving and Gratitude one held by AF Healing in August. I was really surprised how involved I was during the ceremony and how great it felt to give thanks and gratitude in a group setting. The actual experience was so much more practical and down to earth than I had thought it would be. I am looking forward to another workshop with ye soon! Thank you Ann and Tara.


My life was in disarray:  My brother passed away at the age of 61, I had to go into early retirement and an eighteen year relationship had just ended.  A friend recommended I see Ann at AF Healing.  I did.  My life has changed and I am in a positive, better place spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. I gave my sister-in-law a gift certificate and after she had a Reiki and Angel Healing with Ann, she felt better.  Ann is such a kind, spiritual soul who also follows up on her clients to see how they are doing.  Whenever I ask her she does not hesitate to send healing energy to my friend who recently had back surgery and is in a lot of pain.  I highly recommend anyone who is in a “bad” place to go to AF Healing and experience Ann’s amazing gift of healing (I don’t know Tara.  If she is anything like Ann, you will do well).

Judith R.

Thank you so much for doing Reiki and Healing's on myself and 3 kids. I know now that Ann definitely has a special gift and healing hands. My 3 children individually had Reiki & Meditation treatments.  Each of them came out of the treatment so calm and relaxed and for anyone that knows my children this was amazing as they are usually wired to the moon.  I only wish I could bring them for regular sessions as the after effects on both their body and mind was amazing, they actually went for a nap after and it was such a lovely relaxing day. They always ask when we can go again. So Ann you better open an office in Ireland ASAP.  I think I was a bit skeptical but to my own astonishment after having a Reiki Treatment myself I felt so de-stressed and positive, it was as if I was renewed and refreshed.  I suffer from bouts of Insomnia and after your treatment I never slept better. I have Arthritis in my hands that was causing me a lot of pain and discomfort I had tried several types of medications and creams and to no avail yet after your treatment I have not had any problem since.  In a nutshell your treatments really helps you find true peace of mind and brings positivity to help you cope with life’s daily challenges. Thanks again and I can't wait till the next time.

N Smyth.

Ann's reiki treatment takes away all my frustration, sadness and negativity. It relaxes me and makes me feel calm and refreshed and good inside. I wish I could have a treatment everyday as they make me feel so positive and good about myself.  Thank you Ann for your healing hands.

Sean, Age 12.

I recommend AF Healing to children and teenagers. During childhood, we go through so many trials may it be social or academic. Who needs stagnant or closed chakras getting in our way and adding to the problems? Having open chakras changed my energy level so much and with every class I felt more confident. I simply couldn't wait to go back to experience more of the meditations! As I learned how to block others imposing energy I was able to concentrate better during school and was also enabled to focus more on myself.

Olivia, Age 14.