Energy Treatments

Energy treatments are a simple, natural and safe way to treat the whole person, gently bringing about balance to your whole body, mind, and soul creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation, feelings of inner peace and well-being which enhances the quality of life.

Life Coaching & Energy Treatments

In this session, We will we talk about your goals and how to start working towards them and setting the intention for the life you want. You will come to see the changes you need to make in order to step into the future you want for yourself, you will also start the process of healing and removing anything that’s been stored within and holding you back from the life you deserve and throughout your session you will gain a better understanding of your energy system.

To make real changes in your life takes time and a commitment to yourself, it is not always easy to make the changes necessary but if you are ready to make that commitment, I would love to assist you and support you on your journey.

Reiki for Adults

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki is energy that treats the whole person – body, emotions, mind, and spirit and can create feelings of relaxation, peace, security and well-being.  It can be used as a method in pain reduction, and it aids in alleviating anxiety and depression. Reiki treatments is a great way to put the focus back on you and to help reduce any stress and tension stored within your body.

Reiki for Children

Reiki is a non-invasive energy technique that is safe for children to receive. Children love Reiki treatments and benefit enormously from receiving them. Reiki can also help in building their self-confidence and self-esteem and gives them a tool to help them deal with stressful situations that may arise throughout their lives.

Reiki can help increase their confidence levels as they learn to accept themselves for who they are. It also can help increase their ability to concentrate and shows positive results in school work and activities. Reiki enhances relaxation and sleep. It also helps to quiet a child's mind, creating calming effects for the child and promoting balance.

Reiki for Teens

Reiki for teens is a great tool to help them distress from all the pressures that they are experiencing as they make the transition into young adults, which can be a time of great uncertainty. Reiki can help them feel more centered and confident and loved. It can also help them feel more peaceful and accepting of themselves and others. Reiki can also help their concentration and aids in better sleep patterns. Reiki treatments will be beneficial to your teens overall wellbeing.

Family Reiki and Meditation

Come and experience Reiki and Meditation with your child. Enjoying Reiki and Meditation together is a deeply bonding experience. It helps open the door of communication, connecting you with your child on a deeper level.

Guided Meditations

Join me for a night of relaxation. Let’s put the focus back on you by going on a meditative journey. Each week will be a different journey to help you awaken the peace within you.

Celtic Workshops and Meditations

The Celtic way are steeped with rituals and traditions that have been passed down through the generations. I honor my heritage by passing on the wisdom and traditions of the old Celtic way-showers and keeping the traditions alive in each of us.

The Celtic people are passionate, fiery and fierce when they need to be but we are also compassionate, heartwarming and kind, we welcome with an open heart and we have a deep respect for our heritage.

I would love the opportunity to share the traditions of our ways with you. I will be working within the Celtic calendar offering many different workshops and meditations throughout the year.

Please check out of events page for upcoming workshops and meditations.

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