Wellness for the Mind, Body and Soul

Our world has become so busy, our schedules hectic, and our days stressful.  With technology everywhere, we no longer know what it means to unplug or how to truly relax and be present. 

I created AF Healing to help you on your journey, whether you need to reduce stress, want to have more peace, balance and relaxation, or need to heal and reconnect with your heart’s desire. .

I believe that incorporating energy work and mindfulness techniques in to your life is vital in setting the foundation to having peace and balance in your life and it benefits your overall well-being.

 I work in the belief systems that we have the ability to help heal and coach ourselves into a better future, however sometimes we need a helping hand when we fall upon stumbling blocks or obstacles that hinder our progress,  cloud our judgement or leaves us feeling a bit lost.

 This is where I come in.

My services and products are designed to give you tools at any stages of life to help you help yourself. My treatments and workshops are designed to put the focus back on you in a warm, caring environment and I create space where everyone is welcome and able to express who they truly are.

I offer you all-natural techniques for the mind, body, and soul, to enhance your well-being on every level — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  I want to help you bring balance back into your life, and to inspire you to be the best that you can be.

Mission statement

It is my mission to promote emotional wellness and mindfulness in children, teens and adults, and to create a community where we support and encourage each other. I believe with the right tools and guidance you will gain the confidence to empower yourself and others. I believe empowering ourselves and each other will lead us to create real positive changes in our life's and in our society.


- About Ann Fitzpatrick